I'm Joe O'Brien

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About me

I am a developer and problem solver based in Yorkshire.

I graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2009 with a Masters of Computing in Computer Science.

I am experienced in a variety of technologies including ASP.NET, PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

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I am experienced in the following languages, tools and methodologies.

ASP.NET C# Microsoft MVC PHP Classic ASP Javascript and JS Frameworks HTML5 CSS3 and CSS preprocessing SQL and SQL Server Workflow and Build Automation Tools Code Versioning Wordpress NOPCommerce Sharepoint Windows Server and IIS Visual Studio Photoshop

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Work history

I am currently the Head of Development at Rich Tone Music in Sheffield.

Tools of the trade

A few tools, services and websites I use on a regular basis to help with productivity and learning.

Trello Evernote Bitbucket Spotify CSS Tricks A List Apart